What many people don’t realize about timeshares is that the sale doesn’t end after they’ve signed the contract. Timeshare companies know that once you’re locked into an everlasting contract they can almost voluntarily dictate where your travel dollars go. Aside from a high-pressured timeshare pitch during the “90-minute” presentation, they take additional measures to persuade their owners to spend more money over time. Because of this, VFG believes it is highly advantageous for owners to just terminate timeshare contracts before they’re influenced into buying more weeks, points or any other useless form of upgrades. However, before declaring such statement to be truthful, it is important we understand how the timeshare owners are viewing these “opportunities” a better word for upgrades. What exactly is being presented to these owners that are making them feel it’s a necessity to invest more money into something that’s already not working? Whether you subscribe to the idea of our perspective being bias or not, many timeshare owners are overwhelmed with this decision. Every day, we talk to dozens of dissatisfied owners seeking guidance or insight on their options. Here at VFG, we’re going to be very direct but truthful. We know how the system operates and what it’s intended to do (Sell a misrepresented hopes and dreams to the desperate dreamers). Don’t be deceived twice, by of the same product with a different name (upgrade/ AKA points). In conclusion, whether you’re looking to terminate your timeshare, maximize whatever you have left or simply need a free consultation because you just don’t know what to do… call your VFG consultant now. You’re a phone call away from finding your timeshare solution.